Copper Lama :
The copper Flates or lamas are generally used in high current, low voltage distribution and control equipments, low and medium voltage switches, transformers, groundings, electrification, electrical panel boards, telephone switchboards, and in commercial and industrial buildings where high voltage is used. The rectangular copper lamas are produced in three types: Sharp Edged, Self-radius and Full- radius

Copper lama technical specifications: They are produced in accordance with TS 435, TS EN 1652, DIN EN 13601, DIN EN 12167 standards. The copper content is minimum 99,95 %. .

Copper Lama Type of Material: Cu - ETP
Wall Thickness : Sizes vary between 2mm and 60mm
Width : Sizes vary between 30mm and 200mm
Length :The desired lengths varying between 2 meters and 6 meters

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