Cooper Sheet :
The copper sheets are generally used in long-life roofing, coating and decoration sector and in lathe, router, and drill, welding machines and grounding processes.

Optionally, they may be produced soft, hard or semi-hard by rolling in the cylinders. They conform to TS EN 1652, DIN EN 13599 standards".

İsteğe göre; yumuşak, sert veya yarım sert olarak silindirlerde haddelemek suretiyle imal edilir.  TS EN 1652, DIN EN 13599 Normlarına uygundur.

Type of Material : Cu - ETP and Cu - DHP
Wall Thickness : sizes vary between 0.25mm and 150mm
Dimensions : Standard 660 x 2000mm 1000 x 2000mm 1200 x 2400mm ve 1500 x 3000mm.

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