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otto gas 507A refrigerant (R-507A) is a non-ozone depleting, azeotropic blend of HFC refrigerants R-125 and R-143a. R-507 is blended to closely match the properties of R-502, making it a good refrigerant for some medium and most low temperature refrigeration applications.

Application :
R-507A is approved by compressor and system manufacturers for use in new refrigeration equipment such as food display and storage cases, cold storage rooms, transportation and process refrigeration.

Properties & Performance :
R-507A is designed to meet the needs of many new and existing refrigeration systems. R-507A is an azeotropic HFC refrigerant blend rated A1 by ASHRAE (lowest levels of toxicity and flammability) having zero ozone depletion potential.

Lubrication :
R-507A is immiscible with the traditional lubricants used in R-502 systems. As such, the original oil should be replaced with POE when retrofitting to R-507A, and the presence of the old oil should be reduced to 5% or less of the original charge. Failure to do so may result in inadequate oil return or other system problems.

Charging :
R-507A should be charged in liquid phase to ensure the correct composition is being used in the refrigeration system. In situations where vapor is normally charged into a system, a valve should be installed in the charging line to flash the liquid to vapor while charging. R-507A will require the use of manifold gauge sets, recovery machines and recovery tanks specifically designed for its higher pressures.

Retrofit :
R-507A can be used to retrofit many existing R-502 systems. However, it is not intended to be a direct "drop-in" for R-502 systems. Due to higher operating pressures associated with the use of R-507A as opposed to R-502, OEM product specific retrofit recommendations should be consulted for any pressure relief modifications and/or requirements.

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