About Us :

Anadolu Bakır Alaşımları A.Ş.. was founded in Istanbul, Turkey in 2004. The founders and employees of the company are experienced and expert in their field, who have risen from the ranks in Persembe Pazari in Istanbul.

The company has an organization that provides more quality, principle and quicker service than the customers expect. Anadolubakir has such a wide product range and knowledge accumulation providing it to be able to meet the material demands of many sectors, mainly cooling and heating industry, medical gas systems, mechanical installations and automotive sector.

Since foundation, our target is providing quality materials with suitable prices for the customers and establishing a long-term business relationship with them based on trust.

Preferring to offer the German quality to its customers, our company has been distributor for Turkey of a leading German copper tubes producer MKM and supported its place in the sector primarily with quality.

Our firm decided to focus on its own brand in 2009 and established ottocool brand for copper pipe. Upon positive reactions from the market, our brands introduced in 2011 cool-expo fair as ottogas brand for refrigerant gases and ottorubber brand for rubber insulations.

Becoming popular in the sector within a short time, our brands have been the symbols of quality and reliability. Our products which we order to be produced in high quality standards by the prominent plants throughout the world mainly in Europe are further demanded day by day.

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