Rubber Insulation :
In cooling, air-conditioning and industrial systems, the rubber insulation method provides the best performance through high quality raw material. Please find below the details regarding the technical specifications of the product.

Coefficient of thermal Conductivity 0,034 W/mK (-20°C)
Density 50-65 kg/m3
Water vapor diffusion resistance coefficient µ ≥ 7.000
Water vapor permeability 0,09 µgm/Nh
Fire class (BS 476) Class 0
Usage temperature -200°C ile +116 °C
Closed cell rate > 90%

• ideal solution in cooling, air-conditioning and industrial systems
• The warranty of the statement values through production in the most modern plants in the world
• The best performance through high quality raw material selection
• Low coefficient of thermal conductivity (0,034 W/mK) maximum savings
• Minimum condensation through high water diffusion resistance
• Maximum security during fire through BS 476 Class 0 and DIN 4102 B1 Certificates
• Toxicity and smoke test reports regarding that it does not emit toxic gas during fire
• Test reports regarding that it is usable in food industry, submarines and subways
• Minimum corrosion risk thanks to it neutral structure in accordance with DIN 1988/7 standard
• Environment-friendly which does not contain HCFC - CFC

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